Cinram UK

Various air conditioning units

€12,000 Complete or make an offer on any part

The system wil be degassed and disconnected from power but all other work must be done by the buyer



Ref 227394


Includes (exact details to be confirmed)

Trane  AHU CLCP0808 SERV.035 41G337/1
Trane  AHU CLCE 1412   41K492
Trane  Condenser ERAUL450C72 SERV.048  
Trane  Condenser ERAUL450C72 SERV.035 M9S2103
Trane  Condenser ERAUL450C72 SERV.068 M952015
Hitesca Condenser UXC23502NE SERV.026 80620713
Hitesca Condenser UXC23502NE SERV.075 80602712
Hitesca Condenser UXC24002NE SERV.065 90220520
Trane  Condenser ERAUL500D72E SERV.066 858203
Trane  Condenser ERAUL500D72E SERV.067 858209
IMI Condenser MCUT2003/50/400 SERV.047 1069295
Trane  AHU CLCP1211 SERV.056 41H371
Trane  AHU CLCP1610 SERV.057 41H125
Trane  Condenser ERAUL2600-HS003   W755384
Trane  AHU CLCP0604 SERV.034 41G337